Rural Forest Assessment

Do you have concerns about your trees?

A Rural Forest Assessment (RFA) is an educational lesson on your trees, their health and sustainable rural forestry.

Rural Forestry puts nature to work for your trees.

The task of tree care becomes manageable (even enjoyable) with knowledge of your own trees, rural forest ecology and sustainable rural forestry management practicies.

Rural Forestry & Urban Forestry Compared 

The rural forest has distinct character with greater complexity - compared to the urban forest. Urban forestry is primarily a narrow silvic science of arboriculture utilized by  arborists providing shade-tree care services in major cities and towns. But rural forestry is a rich mosaic of silvic sciences involving applied forest ecology utilized by forest health practitioners.

Sustainable Rural Forestry Management  - draws from a broad range of silvic sciences for:

  • Economical use of material resources towards the care of your trees and wooded stands.
  • Efficient use of time and effort  towards the care of your trees and wooded stands.
  • Ecological sustainance of trees and wooded stands utilizing forest ecology for better health and vitality - reducing the need for pesticide treatments.

A Rural Forest Assessment (RFA) consists of:

  1. A Stand Assessment  of your trees
  2. A Diagnosis  of specific insects, disease or environmental stressors.
  3. A Forestry Prescription  grounded in rural forest ecology and sustainable rural forestry management practices.
  4. Specific Instructions  for corrective treatment or educational materials to empower you with knowledge to care for your trees as part of the greater rural forest in your surrounding community. 

Rural Residential Properties:

A Rural Forest Assessment (RFA) for a rural residential property involves a rural forest health practitioner spending about 2 to 2.5 hours on site. The RFA is provided as a form report the practitioner will review with you to answer questions and provide specific instructional or educational materials.

The rural forest health practitioner can provide professional treatment services or referrals to other qualified service providers upon request.

The cost of an RFA for a rural residential or small family farm property is  $325 (+GST)  

payable with cash, cheque or Interac e-Transfer.

(additional travel or service charges may apply)

Commercial Rates & other Services are available on request.